A spring in my Step

After a seemingly fast and surprisingly warm winter, spring has sprung here rather early.
The mulberry tree is flowering, along with the apple trees.
The soil is beginning to warm and I’m ready to begin planting . Each afternoon, while the boys play I dig over a patch of garden. It’s so dry at the moment – nearly a month without notable rain. It’s rather like digging boulders, the clay is set so hard.
Rain has been predicted this week, however those promising looking clouds roll away each evening leaving a dusty haze and a fabulous sunset.
So I’ve resorted to using a hose to soak the soil, hoping I can get the digging fork in even a few inches.

In the chook house, I’ve been gathering a single egg, every other day, for most of winter. I’ve become rather clever at cooking with one egg. But today – oh my there was two eggs. Two!


The possibilities of what I can do with those two eggs…

How has your garden and chooks faired this winter? Any good advice on keeping up the egg production or do you think it’s better to let them rest?