Pumpkin time again

After our massive haul of pumpkins last year, I was buzzing with excitement to discover self-seeded seedlings popping up early last summer.

As last years pumpkins, these seedlings were growing in a blue pot = portable.  Great as I really didn’t want them taking over the yard again.  So off the pot went across the yard (via a bag trolley) hopefully to grow us many pumpkins….  under the clothes line.

Under the clothes line really is dead space.  For years now I’ve meant to dig out the garden, erm yes there was a garden there oh about 5 years ago.  And in this garden I would plant a great drift of lavender, the washing would gently brush over the bushes and smell delicious.  Yeah, It’s on my list.

Instead of lovely lavender, my washing has been drying daily over the pumpkin vine.  Over the grass, up the fence and the neighbours shed the vine grew, Oh I had high hopes of a bumper crop similar to last years.

Fast-forward to May 2012 the nightly chill has set in and the soil is rapidly cooling.  The vine is slowly dying back to show her bounty of 3 pumpkins.  What only 3/  Let’s have a closer look….  Yep just 3 of the buggers.  I cannot express how disappointed I am.  10 maybe 15, not to be greedy.  But 3?

These babies shall be rationed out s.l.o.w.l.y I tell you.


Now Growing – Pumpkin

This is a self-seeded Pumpkin, that came up from some compost.  It has erupted into life and is finally beginning to form fruit.  By the appearance of teh fruit it looks as though it maybe a Kent or Jap Pumpkin.