Bigger farm just outside the city

Little farm in the city is no longer in the city. Yes it’s official we have moved.
After months of enquiring with banks, brokers and ourselves. We decided financially it was better for us, right now at this moment to rent.
I cannot tell you how much our lives have changed for the better, since moving to a bigger home. The boys barely fight, we can eat dinner at our table again and not have to battle my crafting stuff. And there’s a general feeling of contentment.
We are so blessed with the best part of an acre of land.
I cannot tell you the joy we felt when we inspected this property and found a chicken pen and fruit trees and vegetable garden already here.
Rather than me gush on about this sweet little house lets get to the good bits… The gardens





There’s still more to share, but at the same time so much work to be done. Weeding, planning and the last of the unpacking. So for today I will leave it here.
Happy Gardening



As many of you know school holidays are here and well now almost over.  Playdates, visiting relatives, giant stuffed animal shows and sickness have been a few of the highlights so far.  Getting near the computer much less the garden has been a challenge.  But I am here

No news yet if the neighbours development is going ahead, they should be hearing sometime this week if it is final.  It has really dampened my spirits of doing any work in the yard knowing what we may not be staying.  I walk through the garden wondering – will I see my garlic mature?  Eat the mulberries in spring?  The other question is do we take the raised gardens with us, will the next occupants want them?  At least the mandarin trees are small enough to be moved and I can take cuttings from the mulberry, pepino, comfrey, mints.  And the lots of lemon will come too.

Sigh,  so the curve ball is yet to land or be caught.  But we will continue to wait ready to spring to action once the decision has been made.  Meanwhile the garden still needs to be watered,  chooks fed and children to entertain.