In the Garden

Out In the garden …

::  I’m Love, Loving the very late season cucumbers.  It’s always surprising how far I can push plants into the next ‘season.’  With frost expected early next week, I will pick the last of the cucumbers later  today.  Along with the basil and lettuce.

::  Lots of volunteer lettuce have popped up in my carrot rows.  These tiny lettuce will be eaten whole.  With the last of the cucumber, the last 6 cherry tomatoes and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar it can be a  ‘Last hurrah to summer salad…’

::  Finally the Calendulas are flowering.  Once there is sufficient blooms I will be making this lotion/ salve.  I.can.not.wait!

::  The back verandah and herb garden are looking miserable. *Sigh*  Some days I need to split myself into 2.  But with a few spare hours this weekend, I will be sweeping, scrubbing, weeding and planning.  Oh the plans I have for this little area!  A Big white table, water feature, rock edging and flowers for winter colour.

::  And finally here is Max sporting a Mama made PJ top (that he refused to take off for a whole day) and his version of smiling for the camera!  It still surprises me he is 26 months old already, how time flies.


The Pepino – its back!

The poor pepino suffered severly in the frosts over winter, but I left it in the ground hoping it might comeback.  Two weeks ago I noticed a little green shoot and after the recent rain, it is now up above the mulch and powering on. 

Chilli plants

We grow chillis as Tony loves hot food.  Most of them survived winter and are starting to show signs of flowering again.  We are yet to find out what type they are, I grew them from the Diggers Club ‘Hellfire Mix’.

This poor plant was cut back by the frost quite hard, but has new shoots growing from the base.  I will leave the dead bits on for another week or so incase we have another frost (I doubt we will)  this will protect it from further damage.  

Frost damage – part 2

We have had a few weeks of heavy frosts, and some of the more tropical plants are suffering.  This is a dragon fruit, it was in a sheltered spot and covered but it still froze!  I will pot it up tomorrow, give it abit of TLC and hope it will survive!

This is the Chocolate Sapote.  It is a tropical plant, but should’ve handled our climate, but it too has been burnt.  This one surprised me as it was kept was in the nursery section of the garden.  Which is a sheltered spot that shouldn’t get frost, obviously not by its blackened leaves.

Hopefully we are near the end of the frosts for the winter season!

Frost damage

I don’t think the Pepino will survive, we have had a few heavy frosts this week & I noticed this today while watering. 

It has only been in for a few weeks and is 3/4 black now, but I will leave it as is until the frosts have all passed and see what happens.

Have you lost anything with the frosts?