THE DUCK – a muscovy duck that arrived at Little Farm as a stray.  Below you can see the size of her eggs in comparison to an average chicken egg.  She lays a clutch of roughly 20 eggs before she sits.  She uses a large tub for bathing and eats what the chickens do.  I have found she needs extra greens if the grass is dry.

A few pros and cons of duck.  Cons – the poo.  It smells.  It smells even more if you get it on your skin.  They’re big wet poos that usually end up all over the pavers and the kids feet.  Con – Eggs and Cluckyness.  Duck isn’t a very regular layer compared to a hen.  Two or so weeks of eggs and then she sits.  During this time her personality completely changes.  She is back on the lay about a month later.

Pros – Ducks are happy.  Ours reminds me of a happy puppy who follows us around the yard.  Complete with tongue hanging out and a wagging tail.  Pro – great with kids (apart for the poo)  she is gentle and content to be lugged around by our two year old.  Oh and her bite barely hurts unlike the puppy comparison.

One of our 2 Golden Lace Wyandottes, a heritage breed.  They’re pretty hens with thick super soft feathers, that have a greenish tinge .  They’re the friendliest and certainly easy to handle compared to other breeds we’ve had.  I must thanks Chris at Gully Grove for these pretty hens!






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