Our Story

The Little Farm in the City Blog came about in 2008 when I began seriously converting our average city block into a higher ‘food’ producing garden.  We have lived at Little Farm since 2003 and in that time I have tried a variety of vegetable gardens with limited success.  Large invasive hedges, hard clay soil and our low rainfall have all been obstacles I have faced.

little vegie garden

A rather rash decision to do some ‘minor’ landscaping in the backyard created new possibilities of how I could grow food.  Suddenly moving structures such as the shed (lawn locker) seemed so easy. 

Just started digging

2009 plans – Now that the major works been completed, I am up to the stage of constructing new garden beds and a gazebos to be covered in grape vines, garden maintenance, replenishing old gardens and the constant learning of new skills that comes with the want to grow your own food.

2010 plans – Many plans have come to a grinding halt with the arrival of our new son Max in March.  The garden is managing to chug along producing a small amount of produce.  But during this time family comes first.

2011 plans –  The gardens are now 3 years old.  Many faults are clear and improvements need to be made.  This years plans are to renovate the gardens and fence the area aka. chicken proof it!

2012 plans – We are constantly going over moving or staying, buying or renting….  Our little 2 bedroom home is fast becoming too small for our family of five.  Will Little Farm be moving in 2012? 

Who are we?  We are a family of five living in Toowoomba Q. There is me, Emily, my Husband Tony and our  boys (1, 6  & 8)  We live in a tiny 2 bedroom home, with a huge (almost) 1/2 acre block, within 10 minutes of the city centre.  There is also 5 chooks and a stray duck that decided to stay.  Along with Gus the Cat.


~~~~ Our latest Plans ~~~~

Aerial Shots of Little Farm – 2007


  1. This is our 100+ yr old oak tree. 
  2. This is the shed that was moved.  This is now the site of the vegetable gardens.
  3. Under the shade sail is where the big hole was dug and the paved area and herb garden was put in.
  4. This where the shed was moved too.
  5. (the line with no number) This the jacaranda that was removed due to our neighbours earthworks.  Hehe it was grown back though, much to my delight as it was the only large tree near the house that produced shade!

 You think we would have cleaned the yard up before taking photos!  😉



5 thoughts on “Our Story

  1. Hi, I came to your blog because you referred to Canning for a New Generations Pickled Beetroot recipe (which I am just making, from her book… which I also borrowed from the library!) Then I saw you have wicking garden beds, which we also have built. We are ‘urban homesteading’ in 994sqm in Canberra, so quite similiar… except you probably get better weather!

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