A work in progress

So here it is, my tell all images of the gardens post winter. Oh the shame…

Weedy and sadly neglected.

However I’m slowly working my way through the gardens. Pulling old and spent plants. Feeding the chooks handfuls of chick weed and enjoying (most of all) the rows upon rows of carrots.
This winter, carrots have been the one vegetable I haven’t brought.

This weekends plan involves a lot of manure, compost and digging. Quite frankly I’m looking forward to this, this time to connect with the earth. Do you have any garden plans for this weekend?



One thought on “A work in progress

  1. well done on the carrots, I have reduced the number we buy but not eliminated it completely, need to plant more next year! This wkend I’m planting my seed potatoes that arrived during the week 🙂 Enjoy your weeding! It will be very satisfying to see it all cleaned up and ready to plant again 🙂

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