Oh yes the annual hibernation has hit here.  For the last month I’ve spent way too much time watching movies with the boys, caring for what seemed an endless round of colds, way too much time watching the boys play outside in the weak winter sun, dodging the rain, going on a (grown up only) womens retreat and enjoying the school holidays.

I have no less than 5 posts in the drafts folder waiting for photos or photos to be sent to the computer, finished, edited or just plain uninspiring to me….   *sigh*  There is never enough hours in the day for everything.  BUT….  Over the last few weeks I have created several new pages, have a quick peek just under the header.  Yep there’s a few new ones up there!  I’m hoping to have everything updated by the end of the month; I find big time frames are very helpful right now.

So instead of some fabulous and witty post about the garden I will leave you with a photo of a chook.

Happy Gardening!




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