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Out In the garden …

::  I’m Love, Loving the very late season cucumbers.  It’s always surprising how far I can push plants into the next ‘season.’  With frost expected early next week, I will pick the last of the cucumbers later  today.  Along with the basil and lettuce.

::  Lots of volunteer lettuce have popped up in my carrot rows.  These tiny lettuce will be eaten whole.  With the last of the cucumber, the last 6 cherry tomatoes and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar it can be a  ‘Last hurrah to summer salad…’

::  Finally the Calendulas are flowering.  Once there is sufficient blooms I will be making this lotion/ salve.  I.can.not.wait!

::  The back verandah and herb garden are looking miserable. *Sigh*  Some days I need to split myself into 2.  But with a few spare hours this weekend, I will be sweeping, scrubbing, weeding and planning.  Oh the plans I have for this little area!  A Big white table, water feature, rock edging and flowers for winter colour.

::  And finally here is Max sporting a Mama made PJ top (that he refused to take off for a whole day) and his version of smiling for the camera!  It still surprises me he is 26 months old already, how time flies.


3 thoughts on “In the Garden

  1. Your seasons are the opposite way to mine. It seems wierd that you are harvesting the last of your cucumbers and I have only just sown mine in the greenhouse. Just a little tip, I always find mine better grown up some chicken wire or a trellis, it keeps them off the ground so they don’t get eaten by insects like slugs, they are easier to harvest and take up less space. I look forward to your next post.

  2. Max looks so much like you! But he looks like I do when provoked by someone brandishing a camera 😉 I wish my garden was productive – in any way! I know you put a lot of work into it, though, and I don’t…mostly because the work I have put in resulted in no product, so I kind of got really put off. You’re inspiring me though!

  3. Liz, I too find it strange that only 3 hours away there is sub-tropical climates. Normally I would grow my cucumbers on a trellis, but I’ve found they struggled on the trellis due to the reflected heat. So I experimented with them on the soil. The results were unclear as there was a frost!
    Kat – Thanks yes Maxie does look like me, its the chin. Two of the 3 boys have the chin lol. With your garden, start small; a pot here or a small plot…. it soon becomes very addictive!

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