papergirl Toowoomba

Gosh how did I miss this?  How much fun would it be to be involved in this project?  I think it maybe time to dust off my brushes and whip up a work….   You can find more information about papergirl Toowomba here or try a search engine to see if there is a papergirl project near you!

Paper Girl is participatory, analogue, non-commercial and impulsive.  It is a worldwide art initiative that can involve anyone – including you!  It’s about bringing art to the public, surprising people in their daily lives.  
Paper Girl is an art project that was started in Berlinby Aisha Ronniger and is now initiated worldwide.  It consists of exhibitions, workshops and a distribution campaign where works donated by artists are handed out to the public at random in the style of a paperboy run.

  • Anyone can be involved by either submitting artwork or writing, or helping to distribute the works via bicycle.
  • Paper Girl is distributed like a newspaper, but not edited or printed.  The works are artistic originals, which are rolled up. Contributions can be submitted by mail or in person to the host of that project.  Each work is unique, whether it be originals, prints, photographs, copies or writing – as long as it can be rolled up.
  • The distribution of the works is an integral part of the project.  Works must be delivered by volunteers riding on bicycles, who ride through the designated route and throw the works out at random to people in the street.  The receiver is left up to chance, as there is no time for stereotyped thinking in selecting the recipients.

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