Planting Garlic

It seems it was only  a few months ago I was pulling my bumper crop of garlic.  Yet it is that time again for sowing garlic.  This year I feel that I’m planting late, but with such wacky weather lately I decided it was best to wait until the autumn chill rolled in.  (We were having 28C days!) 

Last week the weather finally begin to feel right and I noticed a few of the garlic bulbs beginning to shoot – a sure sign it was time.  This year I’ve decided 3 square metres of garlic maybe a bit too much.  Instead I am planting out 1m for our use and 1m for selling or gifting.

A few garlic planting tips:  Don’t try to grow foreign grown garlic it’s been treated and won’t grow.  Try farmers markets or look for ‘Australian Grown’   Select the biggest fattest cloves in the bulb, the tiny centre ones will grow, however they won’t produce lovely fat bulbs.  Check your pH garlic likes a fairly neutral soil of 6.5.   Plant the pointy bit up and if you have children helping check the bulbs before you cover them.  Finally full sun, water and wait

Happy Gardening


One thought on “Planting Garlic

  1. too much garlic? impossible! I have planted a few cloves too, but I didn’t have much room left after I fitted in the leeks and the carrots and the broad beans. I can’t believe that my huge garden is feeling a little too small! I’m very impressed by your haul from the previous year, I hope to build up to growing lots of garlic as its supposed to be good for the chooks and we currently buy dried garlic for the cow!

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