Oh yes, More Poultry!

After the death of two hens in early March and egg numbers, almost none existent, I felt it was time to increase our flock numbers again.

The two that passed away were hybrid hens – the two red hens in the above image.  Known to be great layers (with hilarious personalities) these hens are bred for the sole purpose to lay.  Often all through winter too.  But sadly with tendency to lay themselves to death.  I won’t go into the details but I could see it happening and tried my best to nurse them back to good health but it was inevitable.  Both died within two weeks of each other.

I waited a few weeks to make sure no others were sick, before deciding to bring in new layers.  What breed of hen to get this time?  I knew I wouldn’t be buying hybrid hens again. Oh the decisions….  I decided upon Bantams.  Small, quiet and kid friendly.  Also I could have more of them!

Now for a little plug to a local business, Ornamental Poultry.  Situated at Zimms Corner.  Oh what a range they have!  At our visit they had a lovely range of Pekin and Silky Bantams.  We picked out a black Silky, a black Pekin and a splash Pekin.  Tiny bits of fluff who should begin laying within the month.  If I had room I would have also picked out a few Light Sussex, a few more ducks and maybe guinea fowl too.

Now 4 days later the ‘new girls’ are looking rather ‘at home.’  Happily scratching in the dirt and enjoying the sunshine.  Now for those eggs…


2 thoughts on “Oh yes, More Poultry!

  1. They look lovely, I have Silkies and they are so sweet natured. One of the can be carried upside down in your arms like a baby.

    Hope you get plenty of eggs but if not why not try bantam Australorps as well, they’re meant to be pretty good layers.

    And Happy Easter 🙂

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