Easier than I thought

Sometimes I’m prone to over thinking things.  Maybe I spend too much time with a toddler (who turns 2… 2! on Friday)  or it is just my personality.  But I had this crazy idea in my head that growing climbing beans wouldn’t work in my gardens.  Not enough room, they need a frame, blah blah blah….  I have several types packets of seeds in my collection but I never sow them.

Until now.

I usually grow dwarf beans.  Little plants, fast growing and produce a lot in a small space.  However in the last 2 years a rusty fungal disease has attacked the plants.  The last crops so bad I’ve had to pull them out.  Desperate to keep the beans coming in (1 of only 3 vegetables Mr6 will eat)  I dug through my seed packets and came across a packet of climbing beans.

What did I have to lose?

Why oh why have I never planted these before?  In this 100L tub I have maybe 10 plants.  And the beans are pouring in!

So I’m left asking myself what was so hard about growing climbing beans?


4 thoughts on “Easier than I thought

  1. Climbing beans are so easy to grow and take up very little space. I often grow mine up trellis of chicken wire. I’m so glad you tried them, and by staggering your planting you can have beans to harvest over a long time. I always start with French and then comes the Runner. Pick them young so they don’t go stringy. Enjoy.

  2. What sort did you plant – I always do Rattlesnake Beans because they taste so good. Can send you some home collected seeds if you like.

    Wow where did that 2 years go!!

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