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Oh goodness it has been weeks since I have blogged.  So much has happened I feel as though I’ve run a marathon!  Late January saw the boys back at school, year 3 and year 2.  And the youngest at daycare (or as I call it ‘Mummy sanity/ shopping/ cleaning/ and any-other-thing-you-cannot-do-with-a-2-year-old-day’) once a week.  Four weeks on and we’ve slipped into that lovely groove of school days, homework and long afternoons in the garden.

The beginning of February became the time we decided to move.  It came after a frustrating day stuck inside.  Two bedrooms with a eat-in kitchen is just too small for the five of us.  (Now please don’t think I am ungrateful for we’re very blessed to have what we do)  A few days later we saw our broker.  Hmm we need more savings, more!  Ok we could handle that…  So lets rent something bigger for 12 months.  7 houses later I ‘m exhausted, battling dozens of people at viewings, filling armloads of paperwork out.  And then the rejections….     So we are staying here.  At Little Farm for a bit longer.  Slowly saving for our crazy dream of chickens, veggies, ducks, orchards and a goat.  Oh and a house with land and a man shed.  So I will clean out the cupboards and keep dreaming big.  For the next 4 months at least.

Out in the Garden things are moving along.  The tomatoes are ripening and making their way to the pot, cucumbers, oh dear, are always on a dinner plate.  Three vines are sufficient it seems for us.  I planted out two more vines last week, somehow I don’t think we will need them!

Something that is missing this year is the zucchini.  Succumbing to a rotting virus (I’m yet to diagnose what it was)  I had to pull it out.  It is rather liberating not having monster zucchini.  At first.   Then you have to buy them.  I am expecting to pick zucchini again in a week or so.

Another good tip I’ve learnt this summer is 1 square metre of basil is more than enough in one summer.  For us, our neighbours and a few friends.  Next year I will try four plants instead.

We are having such a wonderful growing season, with regular rain and abundant growth.  Today a cool breeze is blowing in and I am typing this outside wearing a cardigan, in February!  Even the boys wore jumpers today.  But my mind cannot help dreaming of cool evenings and falling leaves.  Soon I remind myself, so instead I am preparing for the winter crops.  Pulling out the first of the spent tomato plants.  harvesting everyday and gathering the winter seeds, that’ll be sown as soon as the moon is ready.

I am sure much more has happened here at Little Farm, but ‘right now’ I have to feed the chickens so happy gardening to you all!



2 thoughts on “:: Right Now ::

  1. This sounds so wonderful – I’m sad that moving is going to take longer for you but your life sounds so lovely.

    I can’t make things grow here in Perth. I had a monster success the first year I tried, where I had a yard that enabled making built-up beds. But now, my yard has a designated veggie bed area that is horribly exposed to the cruel summer sun and is impossible to keep damp. I’m not allowed to make changes to it and so my dreams of happy veggies on the table aren’t coming to fruition (inadvertent punnage, Like A Boss).

    I never could grow cucurbits anyway – zucs, cucs, pumpkin and the rest just get hammered relentlessly by insects – if they even make it out of the dicot stage. The snails here are in plague proportions and I’ve yet to find a way of stopping them.

    The Beloved and I are having a $21 week this week, courtesy of Simple Savings – it’s going well! I don’t know if you’ve seen that site but if not, perhaps you could find something to help with your savings goal. We’re saving for a trip to Iceland later in the year – it’s so exciting!

  2. Thanks Kathy. I understand how you could have such difficulties growing anything in Perth. It’s a very testing enviroment. I could not get over the sandy soil everywhere in Perth, having gardened in rich red and black soils it was a shock to see the sand everywhere. What a pity you cannot change the your veggie garden, could you remove the soil and line it with some plastic? Plastic is not a great option but it does keep in the moisture and the weeds out.
    Iceland? Oh my I am so envious. The 21 challenge is great. I have attempted it in the past but with 5 to feed I struggled. My organization skills need somemore work first. Oh Iceland wow!

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