Visiting a Vegetable Garden

This Vegetable Garden belongs to my Husbands Grandfather, Neil.  A grazier who has lived on the land his whole life.  Who can look at the wind and tell you it will rain in days.

He’s a beautiful man in his late 80s whose always grown summer vegetables.  This year is no exception, but he’s extended the garden.  From 4 square metres to over 20!  Instead of digging the soil by hand he ran the Yeoman plough over the soil first.  (Cheat shall we declare or just smart?)  The tomatoes are thick, the cucumber grow with the melons; scrambling all over the ground and he isn’t to sure about the taste of the green ‘rabbit’ stuff.

Just recently he was given an armload of comfrey leaves, to make comfrey tea.  I believe the words he used is ‘This stuff is amazing’.  Look at the tomatoes!’  Monster vegetables are popping out everywhere.  Truss tomatoes with 8 larger than the palm of your hand fruit, per set!  Dozen and dozen of water melons and pumpkins. 

Yes it appears to be magic stuff.  His excitement is catching.  I have grown comfrey for years now, but use it medicinally and in the compost bin.  Tomorrow I am making comfery tea.  Smelly magic stuff….  because the excitement is catching.



3 thoughts on “Visiting a Vegetable Garden

  1. Its great to see what other people are doing in the garden. I have comfrey (and other weeds, manure and fish heads) brewing in a drum next to the garden, but I haven’t used it for a while, the garden is growing too fast as it it!! I think I will used some in my pumpkin corner though, doesn’t matter if that gets a bit wild 🙂 Comfrey is supposed to be good for chickens, but I can’t persuade mine to eat any. It took some work to get the dairy cow interested, but now she likes it and will trim the entire plant if she gets a chance (lucky it grows back quickly!).

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