Oh goodness, it has been a while!  With the sudden looming of Christmas Day, a house being painted and gifts to make…..  Well alot went on hold for awhile.  Leaving things to the last minute?  Who me?  Ha ha every year I plan and have great intentions but never quite get it all done. 

Christmas was held HERE this year with a total of 20 hungry bellys, it was a bit squishy and the sun shone! (Where oh where would I fit them all if it rained?).  It was such a lovely day, with many leftovers still being consumed (more Ham anyone?).  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas too.

Meanwhile the garden is ticking over nicely.  I stick seeds and seedlings in, where there is space.  And harvest and share our bounty with friends and neighbours.  Glorious!  Recently though I have found it hard to be out in the garden.  I feel I have to explain what has gone on, so here is 4 months in a few sentences.

In photos of the vegetable gardens you will see a wall.  This is the wall of a shed belonging to our neighbour.  She is a beautiful elderly woman who has done much for the community, who we share vegetables and eggs with and is a wonderful neighbour.  Sadly it’s within this shed, the problem.  She has a grandson, in his 20s, who moved in with her to ‘help out.’  This is not the first time he has lived here so I knew what to expect.  But oh my, it was worse than ever.  Music blaring all day and night.  Offensive language you wouldn’t believe.  Urinating through the fence into our gardens.  Violence, threats and much fear on my part.

But finally, FINALLY it is over.  I can be in my garden without having awful things screamed at us.  My boys can play safely in the garden and more than anything it just feels right again.  To be out there.  This week we have weeded, composted, planted and spent every glorious moment outside, until it is so dark we’re driven inside.

So for this moment we are off again outside…..

Happy Gardening!


4 thoughts on “Sidelined….

  1. You poor thing, that is such a horrible thing to happen. We have crazy neighbours, although not as bad as that, and I never go in the front garden on my own because of them.

    Anyway at least now you can enjoy your garden again and finally get some things growing.

  2. urgh, neighbours can be wonderful and they can be awful! We currently have a white-trash crazy screaming single-mother who doesn’t take her kids to school or close her gate to keep her many mongrel dogs in her yard, but at least on acreage I can happily ignore her and continue in my garden. Glad to hear you have reclaimed yours!

  3. Thankyou for your beautiful comments. It has been tough but we are moving on. I just hope he won’t come back again! His grandmother has mentioned she needs to move into care soon. But being a public housing house, we could end up with just as bad again…. or just a lovely as her.
    Deb, I understand completely how a person can make life uncomfortable.
    BUT for now we are enjoying our space again, with plans going full steam ahead and these summer days lasting til the sky darkens.

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