In the garden…

Oh it feels good to be back home.  The washing machine is recovering, the gardens are tended (with much still to be done) and I can finally get to the computer without feeling guilty.

 Out in the garden, plants are finally growing.  The weather had been particularly cool before we went away.  I had great trouble getting the warm weather vegetables to germinate much less grow.  But with our return also came a mini heat wave (well heat wave enough for spring)  temperatures hit the 30s and finally finally things began to grow…. 

Basil, beans, zucchini and squashes!  I am having a mini glut already!  But sadly the tomatoes have been slow, I tried seed after seed to grow ‘Amish Paste’ tomatoes – with no luck.  I’ve come to conclusion it was a bad batch of seeds.  Luckily many cherry tomatoes have come up all over the garden (mostly in places I don’t want them) so I won’t be tomato-less this season.  But it certainly won’t be the bumper crop I hoped for.

What do you think of the yellow gate above?  My boys don’t like it.  Something brown would look better,  I was told.  I think it’s fun and quite possibly I was a bit excited by all the paint chips when I picked out the colour.  I like it.

We have also been ‘reclaiming’ some of our yard from the trees.  The Loquat tree had taken over the back corner of the yard.  So out came a branch.  Now it seems in my experience that branches never look very big when attached to a tree but then you cut and half the  tree seems to fall…..   Yep that’s what happened here.  But, oh wow we now have a corner of the garden that was wasted, room for compost bins and boys to play.

That’s just a smidge of what has gone on here, I want to show more but the camera I used will not sync with the laptop……  So the massive basil haul and the choking choko vine will have to wait.  Instead I am off to finish my glass of wine!

Happy Gardening!