Planes, Veils and Weddings

Goodness me, what a whirl wind adventure we’ve had over the last 3 weeks!  Our family of 5 traveled to Perth for my little sisters wedding.  Hence the absence.

So lets start at the beginning.  My sister relocated to Perth several years ago with her (to-be-Hubby) for his job.  After 6 years together they decided to marry…  in Perth.  Now we live in Toowoomba, Qld.  A whole 3000+km away.  So come the end of October we were off to Perth! 

But before I could leave, I promised my sister I would make her veil.  I cannot tell you how easy it is to make a veil!  And it only cost $16.  Quoted over $150 for a finger tip length veil – we couldn’t justify the price. So armed with these two tutorials (here and here) and my unpicker.  I successfully created her ‘perfect’ veil.

After a fabulous day of vows, wedding cake and possibly too much wine.  We retired to our beach side cabin – to wake up to this in the morning and every morning for the next 10 days!

An empty beach all to ourselves!  Maybe it had something to do with the icy cold water or cyclonic winds – but really we didn’t care.  The boys paddled in the waves, built sandcastle and ran and ran while we rested and enjoyed some family time.

So while I catch up on the mountains of washing and work in the garden, please hang around as I have a mountain of posts waiting to be written and a few emails to reply too.  (Sorry I am not ignoring you).  But I will be back hopefully by the end of the week!

Happy Gardening


2 thoughts on “Planes, Veils and Weddings

  1. Wow, awesome, what a great family experience to share. 🙂

    And a wedding too, awwww, beautiful!

    We are getting artichokes from the plant you gave us – gee it must be a while back now. But they’re producing so thanks for the gift. Aritchokes and chokos don’t seem to mind the weather extremes here, so now I just have to learn to cook with them, LOL. 😉

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