Mulberry Pie Filling

Earlier in the week I showed you how I’ve turned our mountain of mulberries into Jelly.  After making the Jelly I was left with cups of pulp.  Not wanting to waste it I started searching online for a recipe.  I found my perfect recipe here.  Just the right amount of sweet with a good kick of spice and a hint of lemon.  I didn’t use alcohol in my recipe as I didn’t have any and no one (the hubby) wanted to go for a drive to buy any.  Luckily for him it tastes just perfect though!

Now if you had patience (which I don’t) you will have snipped off all the little green ends before you made your jelly.  But again I cannot be bothered, seriously 5kg of fruit harvested today, so I find I have to blend/ food process the pulp just abit.  The stems are very tough!

To make my pie filling I place the pulp, sugar, lemon and enough water (remember it’s been strained dry) to make it wet – apart from the water my measurement are as per David and Dawns recipe.  Once it has come to a boil I add the cornflour to make a thick sauce.  Since it’s already cooked, the filling only takes 10 – 15 minutes.

Now you can make pies, turnovers, crumbles and tarts.  I’ve also been freezing and preserving it in my vacola kit.  To date 4 Vacola bottles and 20 ziplock bags full of filling.  Oh my I think we will turn purple!  I hope you’ve enjoyed these recipes and if you have a good recipe, or know of one online please send it through!  Now I am off to make some more (MORE!) Filling.


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