Mulberry Madness

I cannot help but become childishly excited when I see the tiny mulberry flowers forming at the start of spring.  A hint of the bounty that’s to come.

A bounty were certainly getting this year.  To date the harvesting total stands at 15kg!  That’s a lot of tiny sparkling balls of goodness. (That’s not counting the many many handfuls eaten by the children, husbands and visitors!)  I guess you’re wondering what would one do with 15 kg of purple?

Mulberry Jelly, Whole frozen Mulberries, Mulberry Muffins, Mulberry cakes, Mulberry Crumble and Mulberry Pie Filling – just to name a few.

I’ve been ‘putting up’ much of the fruit, you can eat only so many berries at a time.    To celebrate our Mulberry madness I will be sharing our two favourite recipes here over the next few days.  Starting with Mulberry Jelly and then Mulberry Pie filling that uses the pulp leftover from the jelly (no mulberries wasted here!)



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