Mulberry Jelly/ Mulberry Jam

This is an oh-so easy Jelly to make, with (to date) rave reviews!  In the beginning you will need to split the fruit and the liquid.  This is done by cooking the fruit until it’s soft.  Just remember to wear an apron, have a cloth to wipe up spills and to use glass or metal bowls and pots….  Everything will become purple!

Ingredients & Utensils

  • Mulberries (preferably in 1kg increments or as close as you can)
  • 1 large Green Apple per 1kg of fruit – chopped skin and seeds into 2cm squares
  • Water
  • Wooden Spoon, A big pot (preferably stainless)
  • Potato Masher, A Fine Strainer, Glass Bowl

Method:  Rinse your mulberries with water and remove any mouldy or rotten fruit.  If you don’t want stems in the pie filling (to come later) now is the time to snip off all those tiny stems.  I usually cannot be bothered.  Place the berries and apples into the big pot with a few cups of water.  I don’t use an exact measure – roughly 5cm in the base of the pot to stop the fruit from sticking.  (If your fruit is tiny and dry you may need to add more water during the cooking process)

Now place the pot on a med/ high heat and bring to the boil.  Once boiling turn it down to a simmer and remember to stir often.  You may need to add a bit more water if the liquid gets low.  When the apple is looking soft, it is time to carefully mash the fruit to release even more liquid – be careful!!!

Once it is all mashed, let it cook for 5-10 minutes longer and then turn it off.  The fruit now needs to cool enough to safely handle the pot for straining.  Normally in Jelly, the fruit would be put through a Jelly bag, but again I cannot be bothered.  I’ve found a simple fine strainer does the trick. 

Strain the fruit and syrup-liquid into a big glass bowl.  Let it stand for 30 minutes to be sure all the syrup is out of the fruit.  The fruit can now be covered and put in the fridge.

Ingredients & Utensils

  • Mulberry liquid from above
  • White Sugar
  • Lemon Juice
  • Pot, Wooden Spoon, Chilled Plates, Measuring cups

Method:  Begin by measuring the syrup liquid, for each cup of syrup a cup of sugar is needed.  Place these both into the pot.  Bring to a boil and then reduce to a fast simmer.  Next add the lemon juice, roughly a big tablespoon per cup.

Simmer the juice for 20 minutes, again stirring often.  After 15 minutes begin checking for setting point.  This is done by placing a spoon full of syrup onto a chilled plate.  The plate is then returned to the freezer for a minute.  After a minute take it out and run you finger through the syrup.  It is ready if a wrinkle forms on the skin of the syrup.  Reaching setting point can take up to 40 minutes, but its a fine line between setting point and burning.  Check for setting point every 5 minutes.

Once setting points reached, turn off the heat and ladle into hot sterilized jars.  Seal and label.   The Jelly once cool, will set to a slightly runny gel.  But oh so delicious on toast, scones and pikelets!


Tune in on Wednesday to find out how to turn your Mulberrry Pulp into a yummy pie filling!




3 thoughts on “Mulberry Jelly/ Mulberry Jam

  1. your very lucky, the birds pretty much get most if not all our fruit, i have two mulberry trees & last year we only got about 500g of fruit

  2. Thanks Nicole. We seem to be on a winner with this tree. It is such a heavy fruiter. I cannot say enough that they love their water! We have been getting huge storms the last few days and the fruit has tripled in size. Very big and juicy – may hands are now a permanet purple shade.
    Yes the birds love mulberries but we also have a loquat and they seem to like it better!
    I hope this year is a better year for your tree.

  3. we also have a loquat & the cockatoos took the whole top off, luckily it is starting to get a few new leaves on it & i noticed a few small fruit down low

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