Loofah Loving


Kicking around in the back pantry since, oh autumn.  Five little loofahs have waited my attention.  Forgotten by me until I was looking for the seeds.  here is a quick rundown of preparing loofahs for use.  Seriously so easy!

  1.  Tip out, shake out or just get out as many seeds as you can.  These are the ones that are replanted next spring.
  2. Peel off as much dry skin as you can without damaging the inside.
  3. Soak the loofah in warm water for a few minutes, then peel off the remaining skin.
  4. Now they need to be soaked in a weak bleach solution – Bleach is dangerous please be careful!
  5. Soak the loofahs until the mouldy bits are gone or gone enough for you to be happy
  6. Rinse well
  7. Dry in the sun – I put them on a cake rack
  8. Your loofah is now ready to use!

What can you do with them?  Use them to clean your dishes or in the bath.  And the best bit? They’re compostable when they become ratty!

Now, would you like to grow a loofah?  I have some seeds, ok I have a fair few seeds to GIVEAWAY!  So if you would like to try a loofah plant this spring, drop me an email at littlefarminthecity at hotmail dot com –  HAPPY GARDENING!



2 thoughts on “Loofah Loving

  1. I too orignally thought they came from a sea creature, But yay totally animal friendly and very very easy to grow. This year I have a total of 8 plants in! Fingers crossed I will have many many loofahs!

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