Pickled Beets aka Beetroots

With harvests coming slowly from the garden I’m trying to make the most of everything.  Needing to make room for more carrots the beetroot had to be pulled.  A basket full later I was left pondering ‘what to do’ with them all.  I’d been making my way slowly through the crop eating them raw, grated and roasted, but that was one at a time. Now I had almost 2kgs

In the end I went to our local library and found ‘Canning: for a new generation.  Bold, fresh flavours for the modern pantry’  by Liana Krissoff.    Ok really I loved the cover and the other books weren’t in.  But it contained a recipe for ‘Pickled Beets’ page 56.  “Most pickled beets are so achingly sweet I tend to forget I’m eating beets or pickles.  All you need is a touch of honey to mellow out the vinegar a bit” 

I had all the ingredients and it sounded tasty…  Lets go

Begin by boiling the beets in water until soft.  I had such different sizes, I added them biggest to smallest over a 15minute period.

Once cooked, drain them and dump them into a sink of icy cold water.  You need to chill them enough to handle.  When cooled its time to peel off the skins, this is really easy the flesh kinda pops out. 

Next the now naked beetroot need to be sliced.  Heres a hint – wear a glove and old clothes.  Roughly 3 to 5mm is a good size.  Place them into a big pot or bowl.

In another pan or a really big pot heat the cider vinegar, honey and spice mixture to boiling.  (I’m not sure of copyright if I can post the exact recipe here) Once boiling add the beets and return to a simmer.  Working quickly add the hot beets to hot jars (I sterilized them in the fowlers kit)  top up with liquid and cap.

I boiled them for 30 minutes as the water was already boiling and the beetroot were hot too.  In total : 2 bottles of fowlers no.20 and 1 no.31 with just enough extra to fill this jam jar too.  And seriously wear a glove, don’t wear white and be ready for a purple splattering on everything!

Taste test:  Still a strong vinegar taste, need to sit for another week or two.  But the sugar to acid is just perfect.


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  1. Generally you can re-write a recipe and state where you got it from – as it gives credit to the author and you have only shown a small part of the book. I’m sure all your readers would love the complete recipe and book name and author so they can check out the book if they like this single recipe. Cheers, Tania

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