In My Garden

Slowly the season is changing and the soil warming.  With that comes such a flurry of garden work  – sowing, watering and weeding – oh the weeds.  Do you want a quick peek of what’s happening?


WELCOME to my garden.  Excuse the fence, it will be repaired once I repair the last garden bed and paint the posts – I am thinking purple or maybe red? 

Ok lets start with the garden on the left.  BED 1 

:: Garlic – saved cloves from last years harvest.  I kept the biggest for planting, fingers crossed for a bumper crop

:: Carrots – planted somewhere in the midst of winter, they have gone from tiny tiny things to (finally) a decent sized

:: Beetroot – taken an hour before being ripped out to make way for more (more!) carrots.  I am yet to work out the secret to growing bumper beets, these were again small

Next up BED 2


:: Purple Cabbage – a hanger-on from winter I am rather proud of my cabbages this year, they have good firm hearts! 

:: Garlic – more you ask?  Someone just had to plant out all the cloves that sprouted.  Hence there is 3 garlic crops this year

:: Lettuce – a quick filler until I transplant the bush beans and climbing beans.  Should I mention here the lack of success I have had with bean seeds this year?  No lets save it for another day

BED 3, a quiet garden

::  Basil- they maybe tiny now but I am hoping (with fingers crossed) that these 4 leaved seedings will soon become the source of a year of pesto.  And yes there is more seeds propagating, to date and 1 square m planted out.

:: Tomatoes – still sluggish seeds or tiny seedlings they’re slowly-slowly coming, until then this gardens waits

Bed 4

:: Pak Choi  – a bit sporadic with germinating, thanks to the ants.  Must remember to mix the seeds with tea leaves – Jackie French – ants will then leave the seeds alone

:: Zucchini – really what is summer without one?  Further along is a squash.  The cucumber’s yet to germinate


Yes this is a vegetable garden full of Kikuya grass.  Have I been avoiding it?  Yes again.  I don’t even know where to start.  Spray the grass or dig it out?  or maybe just simply ignore it….

Thanks for having a look around with me, I hope you too are having a great spring flurry of activity!


4 thoughts on “In My Garden

  1. it all looks wonderful Emily & i love baby beets butter than the large giant ones.
    mmm grass im not a big fan on spraying but round-up is neutralised when it hits the dirt, oh & it saves your back & a few hours :o)

  2. You’re so lucky, I never seem to have much luck with garlic. Your wicking beds would give them excellent drainage though.

    I like that the last wicking bed is waiting for you to finish it. I know I sometimes need a little motivation to get back into the work when winter passes. Those little projects beckon us back outside to finish them. 😉

    I like that your beds are working so well and feeding the family.

  3. Liz – No never enough garlic. I just hope I can sell some this year.
    Nicole – i think I will spraying the kikuya. I can’t tell how many times I have walked out with good intentions to start weeding that bed. And instead found something else to do – oh my. Not very enviro friendly but yes it will save my back
    Chris – This years garlic is growing so well. I want to pull a few bulbs to see if they are all tops or if I have a bulbs too. I’m really trying to make the gardens work for us this year. Pushing to see how long a harvest I can get and how much I can put it them too.
    Thanks for your comments

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