Launching ‘From My Hands’

After many comments and a rather large push from some beautiful friends.   I have begun to sell some of my handmade goodness at MadeIt.  So with little words – I would like to present to you

In coming weeks more will be added to the store, I work only as fast as ‘my hands’ will allow.


All these items are available now to purchase!  at


3 thoughts on “Launching ‘From My Hands’

  1. Well done Emily – love the tea cosy, I have been trying to get to make one all winter but the demand for socks overrode everything else.

    Couldn’t get the link to work though – is that just me?

  2. Well done! It’s no small feat to start your own home business. Congratulations for getting the ball rolling! 🙂

    Love the dinosaur. It’s hard getting the right sort of picture though. I struggle with this all the time, with my blog photos. I loved the one of the bag on the leaves most.

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