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Though my fingers have been quiet at this keyboard, our lives have been busy.  Many ups and downs and adventures for all.  For a super quick catch up I present a Soulemama inspired ‘right now’ post. 

 (Wondering who Soulemama is? see the link at the bottom of the page and click it now!)

::    hibernating from the icy winds what have whipped up in the last few days.  Winter is truly here

::  recovering from a cold that has spread through the family like a wildfire

::  feasting upon the bounty of carrots and beetroots rolling in from the garden

::  trying to suppress  my frustration at the Chickens destroying the WHOLE brassica vegetable garden in 10 minutes

::  marveling at the climbing and escaping ability of our youngest.  Who is now 16 months old

::  planning the spring garden – seeds, layouts and new projects

::  buying materials for a reno project needed for the last 8 years (it involves cutting a BIG hole in the wall!)

::  creating, Sewing and Knitting items for my little online store.  (That maybe going to a local craft market come spring….)

::  launching my store here on the 1st August – Oh My

::  waiting for the warmer weather to begin painting the rest of the house

and finally

::  enjoying the quiet days that winter brings to our home


* Oh heck why do photos make you realise just how bad things look?  If you are wondering about our Technicolor bathroom.  The paint is being stripped off the walls  -back to the baby poo mustard colour.  Then finally new paint, floor, tiles, mirror  and basin.  YAY.  Then again you might not have noticed it until now when I mentioned it….. 

This post is inspried by the writings of Amanda Soule www.Soulemama.com


2 thoughts on “:: right now ::

  1. I didn’t notice the paint, I was just marvelling at the blue sky, I barely remember what that looks like! What a great pumpkin haul, lots of soup for you guys.

  2. Don’t worry about how ‘honest’ your images are, just adds to the flavour of your post.
    Eagerly anticipating the store launch must be very bloody busy for you, yet you still have a snippet to share here…

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