A few weeks later

Oh My, how the weeks are just slipping by.   So many garden plans are quickly being moved to the ‘it can wait for spring time’ list.   The early chill in the air is sending us into hibernation mode.  Crafting and knitting is high on my must-do list, instead of digging out vegetable gardens, weeding, mowing and (most desperately needing to be done) scrubbing the duck splats off the verandah.

Hmm instead I have been

Sewing sweet little felt boots for Max.  Also several new handbags for me and birthday PJs for my sister.  (More on them later after they’re posted)

Knitting a Posy of Anemones Tea Cosy for my Mum for Mother’s Day.  Also Socks for a gift, a cardy for me and a Pebble Manly vest for Max.

Nursing a sick 14 month old through a cold, followed by an ear infection and teething.  In the above photo he wasn’t feeling well somewhere in the midst of a week and half of sickness.

And finally celebrating our middle boy turning 6!  (Now that 6 years has gone way to fast!)

But outside in the garden: the leaves are falling; the pumpkin vine is finally beginning to die back and reveal our bounty; 45 chokos harvested; seeds are sprouting and seedlings planted. 


What’s happening in your garden with this early chill?


3 thoughts on “A few weeks later

  1. I love those little shoes. Did you have a pattern for them or just make it up? I would love to make some similar for my baby girl.

  2. Happy birthday!! I remember a six year old daughter who is now eight. It goes by so quickly. Kind of like the seasons too. The rain is back and while I know the garden doesn’t mind it, I’ve had enough of my muddy driveway, LOL.

    In the garden, some of my deciduous trees are just starting to lose their leaves.

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