A review – Whipup Action Pack

With 3 boys under 8 (one still a toddler) I am always looking for fun and most important affordable things for them to do.  Along came Whipup, in Kathreen’s word

Whip up:
to prepare quickly. to create. to manufacture.
to build. to invent. to conceive. to push.
to upset. to incite. to provoke. to excite.

Whipup.net brings the best original and exciting crafts to the attention of many.
Whipup.net is a community of artists, crafters and makers who share ideas in a central space.

In March she released a printable mini-mag called Action Pack.  Designed for children 7 years and up, Callum is just 6 – he loves it too!  Each month there a different theme – March, Issue 1 Paper and Beeswax.  April, Issue 2 Seeds and Beads.  And just released May Issue 3 Sew and Tea. 

So far we have explored the March and April Editions of Action Pack.  My how the boys have loved them.  (May issue is yet to be seen by the littlest members of Little Farm, but I love it – it includes a special Mother’s Day Section – hint hint!).    Building boats, playing in water, growing seeds, drawing, observing, tasting and cooking has arisen from these mini-mags.  So much that the copies are starting to look a little dog-earred.  Very much worth the $5.00 a copy!

So if you are looking for fun, yet (shh…)  educational activities for your kids.  Go over to Whipup and check out their mini-mags.

Action Pack Issue 1

Action Pack Issue 2

Action Pack Issue 3