In the Coup

Oh my!!   

No we haven’t lost any chooks. 

Its just moulting time. 

It started with the duck, she was smart and only lost a few. 

Then onto a Golden Lace Wyandotte.  

Then Big Red and now the other  GLW.  The last two are almost bald.  I can see bits of skin and they have no tail feathers! 

 Do you think they know it might be a really cold winter?


2 thoughts on “In the Coup

  1. That’s a good deduction. I’m not sure if they know or not, but I wouldn’t be surprised. You’re lucky to have a duck, although I imagine it takes possession of any water supply you have around, LOL.

  2. Hi Chris, Yes I am sure they know. Even the cat has a huge thick coat of fur this year…. I am on the fence with the duck. She is sweet and ever so friendly to me – imagine a big puppy kind of personality! (If she had a big tongue it too would be hanging out) She lays about 20 big blue-green eggs per clutch. And guards the hens well. But the poos. Oh my they are big, wet and so so smelly. And they seem to be everywhere. Everywhere. Thinking about it, I couldn’t get rid of her. She is just too sweet. And yes anything with water in it she finds. It is most amusing to see a fat duck trying to swim in a little bucket!

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