Sowing Seeds

Bed One has erupted into life with beetroot, carrots and slightly to thickly planted spring onions.  I’m thrilled with the germination rate in this bed.  The beetroot I soaked the seeds overnight.   See my fancy-held-together with pegs bed covers.  Daggy, but kitty and chook proof!

For years I always assumed carrots seeds had to be mixed with sand to make sure they’re spread out.  I had an ah-ha moment recently when I thought why sand?  Why not dirt or compost?  So this time I deposited a handful of seeds into a handful of rich black compost*.  Into drills it went.  (I covered the seeds with a old cardboard beer carton)  And 2 weeks later this is what it looks like!

I will let them get just a bit bigger before I start thinning.  I think I too will need my hand held for this…….  (see this blog)


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