Now Harvesting …. Chokos

It wasn’t that long ago I was wondering if we would harvest any of these beauties before the cooler weather set in.

Well worry I needn’t!  The vine has taken off and engulfed the Chook Pen and now we are feasting on the watery green fruits.

Can you see the tiny one in the above photo?  The fruits start about 1cm long.  And I swear grow massive overnight!  These were not here last night! 

(Yes the fruits hand down through the chook pen roof.  Its making it really easy to see them.)

Today I have 5 sitting on the table beside me waiting to be turned into a choko chutney.  Oh yum!


4 thoughts on “Now Harvesting …. Chokos

  1. The only thing I can remember eating choko for, was my mum’s chutney recipe. I loved that stuff! I hear it makes a good filler for apple pie too – if you don’t have enough apple to make a whole pie.

    A lot of the diced apple, bakeries buy for their apple pies, turnovers and slices, have tinned pie apple that has choko in it too. It’s a very inexpensive way to make apple go further.

    My choko vine has crept over the chicken coop too, but it was a slow grower – not much to see. I hope it survives the winter. I hear the cooler weather cuts them back, but they reshoot in spring again.

    Your choko looks like it’s a keeper. 🙂

  2. Yeah this one is a keeper. I think my next question will be when does it stop growing fruit? I am sure it is the pooey duck water I dump in the pot everyday that is making it so big….

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