Eggplant a many

As always in my garden the Eggplants are the slowest to grow.  The tomatoes have come and are just about finishing but not the eggplants, who finally start producing their purple bounty! 

This years plant is producing a massive amount of fruit!  More than we can eat. 

Our favourite eggplant dish here at Little Farm? Eggplants sliced and roasted in the oven, served with basil, ricotta and oven roasted tomatoes.  Oh Yum!  Once I have roasted the eggplant slices, I stored them in the freezer in serving size portions.  There waiting to be enjoyed for months…..  This year I have more than enough fruit to satisfy our eggplant cravings, enough that I am looking at recipes for eggplant relish. 

What is your favourite dish with Eggplants?


2 thoughts on “Eggplant a many

  1. thanks for the tip on freezing the eggplants! Last time I grew them we had so many at one time and didn’t know what to do with them all. I will definitely try cooking and freezing them next time. Last time I planted the eggplant at the end of summer (not knowing what I was doing) and it survived through winter frosts and eventually began fruiting at the end of the next summer! Do you pull them out at the end of summer? I’m thinking once they’re established I might leave them in the ground for a few years, that’s what I do with capsicums. Anyway, thanks for the tip! you’ve inspired me to try to grow eggplants again!

  2. Hi Liz, I try to to leave my eggplants in the ground over winter. Sometimes they live, sometimes they are frozen to death. I think if they can survive winter I get an earlier harvest, as normally here I get roughly an 8 week harvest before the chill sets in. It is disapointing as I do adore eggplant! The frozen eggplants are delicious, I’m glad you gleaned that idea (I also do it will roasted Zuchinnis too) Emily

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