The best bargain of my life – to date

The one on the left is borrowed from a friend to deal with the mountains of tomatoes rolling in.  The one on the right – check out the price….  oh yes $12 from our local dump store.  Better yet – it works!

Most certainly the best buy ever…..




One thought on “The best bargain of my life – to date

  1. Wow that is a bargain, I was pleased that I got one for $50 at an op shop and it isn’t as new as that. Mind you there were alot of jars and some of them turned out to be rare so I sold them on ebay.

    Lucky you to have a tomato mountain, we have enough so that we don’t need to buy them but certainly no excess and I still have all those jars from the op shop to fill. 😦

    Maybe next year.

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