Choko Vines

Never before have I grown a choko.  But I have discovered it to be rather easy to get a big vine with little work. 

From our local fruit and veg store I brought a cheap, sprouted fruit.  50c I think.  In a pot it went, promptly to be forgotten about for awhile.  Then later to be discovered merrily growing.  So I thought it best to put in a bigger pot to see if I could get a few fruit…..

Still waiting for the fruit, but it looks like it might be a good shade plant so the pot was moved to the Northern side of the chook pen.  (Previously a passionfruit did this job, but it was infected with the passionfruit woody virus).  The best part?  The plant will die down in winter, giving the pen much-needed sunshine and warmth.

Has anyone grown a choko before?  And when will I get fruit?


One thought on “Choko Vines

  1. We ended up digging ours out, as we didn’t like the fruit and it becomes quite vigorous. Good if you want some shade cover quickly. Shouldn’t be too long before you get some fruit.

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