Summer harvest – tomatoes

Oh my, as you can see my three little tomato plants have been very busy this season.  In this basket alone is just under 5kg of fruit.  This is the third basket and I picked another today.  Not as many this time, the plants seem to be winding down for the season. 

As you can see most of the fruit is cherry tomatoes (all self seeded from last year!) Over the last few years I have found the larger fruiting varieties attract fruit fly, little brown vinegar flies and chooks too easily.  Cherry tomatoes are also a big hit with the boys.

Along with many ‘matos’ being eaten warm from the garden – I am also preserving much of the harvest.  Homegrow organic homemade tomato, garlic and onion sauce.  Basil and tomato sauce.  And good old tomato sauce for the kids. 

Do you think it is too late in the season to pop another plant in?  I have room for another plant….   why not!