Safe from the floods

Just a super quick post.  My family and I are fine from the recent flash flooding in Toowoomba.  My husband was lucky.  They were working beside the creek , fixing a pump at the local pool only metres from the water, where the  blue car was crushed under the bridge.  He left shortly before it happened when the water began to rise – he knew they wouldn’t get back across the creek if the rain continued.  Thank the goodness he came home safely. 

It is rather eerie to see the destruction in the streets, the creek through town has taken so much.  The roads have been undermined and gaping with huge holes, walls and building are damaged or gone…   But oh my, so close to home Murphy’s Creek – only 20 minutes away – Is all but gone.  Chris from Gully Grove and previously Bushland Project lives in that area.  My thoughts fly to her, her husband Dave and their beautiful daughter.  I hope they are safe.  At the other end is Mandy from the The Old Dairy, she lives down the range from Toowoomba.  She is currently stranded, but ok.

Apart from donating money, I can’t help but feel helpless….


3 thoughts on “Safe from the floods

  1. I’m so glad to hear you are safe, I have been worrying about you. I’ve emailed Chris but haven’t heard anything, hope they are ok too. It is just too horrible to believe.

  2. Thanks for your concern, the big water was a few km away. The park across the road from us, looked like a white water rapid, it was just was moving so quickly. Today was the first day since the flood, that I left the house. Alot of the areas are closed off, but one bridge I only crossed on Saturday and it is now gone…..

    I am worried about Chris. Friends are helping out at Murphy’s Creek and it looks bad I have been told. Whole houses are gone. There is no power or phones there at the moment, not to mention alot of roads out either.
    If I hear anything I will let you know.

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