Money Matters – balancing the dollar

Somewhere in the last few months of 2010 (have I mentioned how fast it went?) my Husband finished his apprenticeship.  It was a huge decision to make as he falls in the mature age category.  The 3 to 4 years commitment.  The low wages with 2 (to become 3) children.  An agonising decision that we talked about for weeks  – but now he’s fully trained, qualified, a Tradie.

For years I have been used to living on a shoestring.  Savings was a meager thing that was regularly dipped into and depleted.  Often things would go unpaid, as we lived on an apprentice wage and before that a low paid labourers wage.  Just making it pay check to pay check.  But now we are on a trade wage.  The gamble paid off.  The belt is looser.

How the idea of having ‘money spare’ after paying the bills can go to your head!  We have been mindlessly spending, on those things we could never afford.  A ‘new’ secondhand lounge, litres and litres of paint, a new dryer (the old one was a fire waiting to happen .circa 1970!)  Lots of going out to eat, visiting secondhand stores way too often and simply just not thinking about a purchase before we buy.

Suddenly, ‘Where is all this weeks pay gone?’  We are apparently ‘better off’ but the money is vanishing.

It really is a shock once you start writing everything down, to see exactly where it’s going.  I have been keeping track for the last few weeks.  Oh my.  Takeouts came to over $100 in one week.  Not to mention all those quick trips to the store for a forgotten grocery item, only to come out with $60 worth of goods. 

The true realization came when we found a property.  I secretly hope it was not the one.  But it was perfect.  More than we could afford.  The bank wants more from us, we need more to keep the loan at a realistic amount.  (Please let there be another out there for us in 12 months….)  it was a wake up call for us.

So it is time to knuckle down, crunch some numbers and get that 50 acrs of heaven I am dreaming about…..

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2 thoughts on “Money Matters – balancing the dollar

  1. Best Wishes.

    It’s wonderful that you have a goal to focus your saving efforts on. When it comes to money writing everything down really is the only way to go when things are feeling out of control. In this day and age where few of us deal in physical money for our transactions it’s just so easy to loose track of how much/why/where and find yourself down to brass tacks 5 days before pay day. That said if you have been budgeting hard sometimes a controlled blowout every now and then is just what the doctor ordered.

    Kind Regards

  2. Hi Emily, have been watching the news – hope these awful floods are not affecting you. Take care x Deb

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