A new year

Oh my how the new year has snuck in and Christmas, well it was somewhere there in the middle of knitting, sewing and an army of kids between mine, our neighbours and playdates.

We all had a wonderful time with our families over the break, including my sister flying home with her partner from Perth.  It was worrying with so much rain in the days before Christmas, as the roads were rough and flooding imminent.  Would we get through if it rains?   We just made it out of the family farm near Warwick, with only hours to spare before the rain rolled in again on Christmas Eve.  It was 3 days before the creeks (all four of them!) went down again.

I hope you all had a safe and fantastic holiday.  Is it just me or did it all go by very quickly?

But celebrating behind us, life is slowly slipping back into a routine.  PJs until 9, housework to 11 and playtime until the sunsets or the mosquitos drive them indoors. 

There is only a few weeks until school returns and the drop off and pick up run starts again.  So for the next few weeks at least I might be a bit scarce around here, as my 3 boys cannot be left alone for too long…. 

A few adventures so far include a small bookcase being pulled over by the youngest onto his head – he is now standing with assistance .He is just 10 months old.  The middle child skinning his legs from knee to toes, in a rather spectacular scooter accident on a concrete driveway. And the eldest falling through the roof of our lawn locker with the neighbours son – no injuries to report on that one just a darn big hole!  All this in just one week! 

Meanwhile, this year Hubby and I have decided we will working towards finally purchasing our ‘property’.  We have spoken to a lender about what we need to achieve before we can borrow anymore money – in our very early 20s we made some very stupid and uninformed decisions, which we are still haunted with.  And once we have done this we can start looking.  But first things first, I am currently working on organising this house and family into some sort of order.  Budgets, Diaries, Plans, Menus, De-cluttering, Painting, Renos and simplifying this busy lives of ours…. oh my….

Baby steps and it will all come together in the end…..

Welcome 2011