Handmade Christmas Gifts II

Gosh I cannot but help to comment about the weather, there is so much RAIN.  What more can I say?  It is wet, so darn wet and muddy.  But it is glorious  – Umbrellas and rain boots for all! 

So while the lawn is shooting to knee height and  the zucchini are the size of a small childs thigh.  I have been busy making, sewing and knitting.

For a few of my girlfriends (who if you read this play dumb when you receive your package!) I am making applique` tea towels.  With blue birds and chickens.   I brought a few ‘fat quarters’,  heat’n’bond lite and plain teatowels.  I can do a ‘how-to’  if you are interested. 

Above is the chicken.  She is almost completed.  Just embroidering around the outside with a mattress stitch left to do.

A few knitted poultry have been added to the farm animals, along with an almost finished ‘spring lamb’  – What a fiddly pattern, I think that’s why I am yet to finish it, blah!-

And finally in between sewing, knitting animals and celebrating the end of school activities I am also making my Nana 2 pairs of socks.

These are a no-brainer waffle stitch pattern *Knit 2 rows, Knit 2 Purl 2 for two rows, rep from *.  I adore knitting socks, it is something I started to do about 4 years ago.  I wouldn’t say I am an expert or even a pro, but I can do it and once that heel is turned and you are onto the foot.  Oh my, it is satisfying!


2 thoughts on “Handmade Christmas Gifts II

  1. I looooove those little knitted animals, wish I had done stuff like that for my kids. I like the applique too, especially the chicken of course, did you get the pattern from somewhere or draw it yourself.

    I left you a comment on my blog but thought I would say again – thanks for the organic Vege book – I use it all the time x

  2. Thank you Deb. The animals are so much fun to make as they are super quick to knit up.

    The chicken I copied from a teatowel I brought at a craft fair, but I have tweaked it, as I was unhappy with the shape. I will post a copy of my chicken/ bird shape so you can make one too. They are so cute, I have made almost a dozen now for friends and family.

    I am glad to hear the book is still being useful to you. I have a copy too, which i often use too!

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