Handmade Woolly Friends

The knitting needles have been flying around here, along with the sewing machine and hot glue gun.  Oh my.  I have also been busy nursing not one, but three sick boys too this week.  Thank goodness they are all better now. 

Here is a quick preview (with links of course) of what I have been up too 

Ribbit the Frog

A sweet knitted frog with a tennis ball in his tummy.  The arms and legs are simple i-cords.  This is a easy pattern to follow on double point needles, but is a bit fiddly around the smaller bits.   I used 8 ply wool.  Looks like this one still needs a face…..

Little Lizard

No kidding this guy was created in 2 hours whilst watching a movie.  Again fiddly as it is small, but so cute.  I used 8ply wool on 3.25mm needles.

Blue Bird

This cute little birdie was created again in just a few hours.  A thick 8ply acyrillic wool,  on 4mm needles. 

Little Lamb

Here is the little lamb from a few weeks ago.  A timid looking thing isn’t it.  The pattern is from the book  ‘Creative play for your baby’ by Christopher Clouder and Janni Nicol.

I have just casted on a ‘Spring Lamb’ the pattern can be found here.  Looks easy so far…. 

Anyone care to share their creations?


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  1. You’re doing so well! I wanted to encourage you to keep going, although I have nothing craftish to share myself. It’s the perfect weather for crafting though, LOL.

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