A Knitted Farmyard

For this years Home-made Christmas gift for my boys, I am making a series of knitted farm animals.  I decided on knitted animals verse sewn ones as I have a lot of wool stashed, also bits can not fall off these ones.  Which means everyone can play or chew on them. 

So far I  have knitted a sheep.  He looks a little weird but so did the picture in the book I used.  Never mind.  This pattern took one evening to knit up.  And it only contains knit, K2tog and increase stitches.  Oh so easy…..

Now are you interested in making a few of your own knitted livestock?  Many many patterns are available for free  at Ravelry.com.  You will need to sign up to view patterns, and simply search the patterns for ‘animals’  – easy.


2 thoughts on “A Knitted Farmyard

  1. That’s such a sweet lamb. I think he’s adorable. Well done for introducing handmade toys into Christmas. I’m sure the boys will love them. 🙂

    I still remember the handmade dolls my mum made me, oh SO many years ago. 😉

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