Flying by

A super quick drop in, Still here and most certainly still painting. What a huge job it has become, but so worth it!
Christmas gifts are flying off the needles and plants are exploding into life. And a large amount of time has been spent baby-proofing as a little person has begun crawling. Oh my…

When did life start going so quickly? I just want to grab it by the ears and yell “..slow down world..”
To my baby, now a glorious chubby 8 1/2 month cherub, “stop growing so quickly” To my boys “Stop growing so damn tall” And to my Husband “Stop, look around, life is happening while you are working yourself to exhaustion”

We just need to remember too, occasionally look up at the stars, notice the trees changing and the shift of the breeze that comes with each season and stop watch your children and loved ones. Look and enjoy even just for a moment.