DIY and lead

Oh gosh, what seemed like a simple project – repainting the interior of the house.  Has led to potential nightmare.

One of the previous owners obviously did not understand the rules of painting  acrylic over enamel paint.  Which means now after our 7 years of occupancy the paint is peeling off in great chunks.

Hidden under the 5 (seriously 5) layers of paint is powdery flakey toxic lead paint.  It is on every wall and ceiling in the whole house.

Bugger bugger bugger. 

So now with the necessary precautions being taken I can finally remove the paint in the front room.

As for the rest of the house?  The ceiling will just stay as is, with big mouldy chunks showing.  I have decided it would be much easier to do them when the house is empty.  Luckily most of the walls are ok,  I will prime and repaint them. 

So a gentle reminder to us all, if your home is old or not even that old, check for lead paint!  Simple test kits are available from hardware stores.