Now under repair

Next major Spring job.  The blue Pots

These are plastic 200L drums from a company my Hubby does work for.  They usually recycle them, however they let us have a few, about a dozen now I think.  (You can purchase them from feed stores, our sells them for $20-40 depending on the type and size)

I have found the 5 garden beds are often not big enough to produce all I want, especially with long growing crops like potatoes.  So to free up a bit of space I also plant in these pots**. 

This year I hope to grow pumpkin, cucumbers, potatoes and possible a luffa too. 

But first before I can make plans I must empty out a few of the pots that kikuya has invaded, dig in goodness such as compost, manures, b & b and in a few – gypsum as the clay is compacting.  Then cover with mulch and then wire to keep the girls out.  I think I will also remove some of the soil around the fig, it is not growing as robustly as it could.  (Please note this should be done in winter not spring…) 

Early Sept '10



Late winter Aug '10

Phew I am exhausted just thinking about it!  I am thinking it will roughly take a day to achieve this.  Sunday is looking good….


**Also I have fruit trees planted in the pots.  Because….   We are still undecided about staying or moving or possibly building now – 5 people 2 bedrooms – yeah its getting tight.  We are so blessed to be where we are.  Parks, neighbours, big block, 5 mins to everywhere    But, oh gosh where do I start with the extensions, flaky lead paint everywhere and asbestoes!   Its just too much right now, so for the moment, if we do move I can take my now 2 year old trees with me.  Instant fruit!