Duck Proofing

It appears I am now the owner of a duck.  No one answered the ads for a lost duck and she has decided that here is home.  So now Little Farm offically has a duck.

But oh bugger she is a pain.  She flys, over the 6ft fence, to eat my neighbours gardens.  She poops everywhere and eats anything green in the garden. 

BUT  She wags her tail when she sees us. (seriously!)  She sits on my lap for pats and waits at the back door (making lovely ducky noises that sound rather like someone being strangled) for dinner to be served.  She is never far away from us in the yard.  And she is a she.  She lays eggs.  Lovely bluish tinged eggs.

But back to he garden.  Gone is all my broccoli.  Nibbled to sticks is my silverbeet and chards.  Now I have to embark on duck proofing  the garden or there will be nothing to eat this summer.  So here is verison number one.  Wire cages

See the sticks inside of it?  That was yellow chard. 

I will be back with an update in afew weeks….