Landmines (yep a post about poultry poo)

One day in the garden and the girls have left little or in some cases rather large landmines everywhere.  Including right outside the back door.  Yep of course I stood on it!


There are boy boys in this house too.  They go barefoot in our yard and if they step on a fresh poo, they just find the nearest long grass or a stick and wipe it off!  (much to their Grandmas Shock!)  I love that they have chicken friends, catch lizards and worms.  Keep snails and slugs for pets.  And play in mud and dig holes just for the hell of it. 




One thought on “Landmines (yep a post about poultry poo)

  1. Hard to believe what they can produce sometimes! My chooks used to freerange but my kids absolutely hated the landmines on the deck so we had to fence them in a bit. I rather liked seeing them up close and once or twice even finding one of my beloved Brahmas in the kitchen but teenagers don’t seem to like that sort of thing 🙂

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