Flown the coop

The damn duck flew away! I opened the door to feed the girls this morning and off it went. It flew over our house and off into the distance!


UPDATE  – the bugger came back!  And merrily walked into the house like it has been living here forever and never went off at all.  But I think it laid an egg today.  Or else on of the poor girls did, oh gosh I hope it was the duck as this egg is huge!


2 thoughts on “Flown the coop

  1. What can I say but welcome to ducks. They are beings full of mischief and if not taken too seriously, they sure don’t, fun. Luckily they are good at recognising which side their bread is buttered on as well as who normally carries the bucket… oh, and if the bucket is 5 minutes late.

    Kind Regards

  2. Yes she certainly knows who feeds who around here. She is turning out to be alot of fun, and thank goodness our neighbours are wonderful and are enjoying having a duck too. 6ft fence…. To easy!

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