Stray duck

Most people would find a stray dog or maybe even a kitten.  But me?

A duck

What is it about me that attracts lost poultry?

Seriously Wednesday morning a stray duck appeared in our yard.  After a quick google I think its a she muscovy.  And heck it can fly.  A 6ft fence is nothing.  So currently she is residing in the old guniea pig house, as the chooks did not like the sight of a duck in, near or around their pen.

She wags her tail at the sight of clean water and a fresh lettuce from the garden.  And mutters a sweet ducky quack when she is given grain.  (Muscovies don’t quack)  Obviously a loved pet.

So what to do?  For now she is safe and I will try to find her owner. 

Otherwise how hard is it to keep a duck?  Any advice is welcome