returning to surplus

It is amazing how quickly, when life becomes busy we slip back into old habits.  Oh so easy it is for me to grab pre-made-plastic covered-artifically enhanced dinners.  How easy it is to buy that packet of highly scented salt filled washing powder.  A quick trip through the drive-through for lunch….  Or even that late night run to the servo to fill ones desire for a Gold Magnum (oh such evil and delicious things)


That is the sound of us hitting the floor when we decided to review our budget.  It is scary, no heart stopping when you realise just how much money is being wasted!  My husbands lunches alone is costing upward of $100.  (I found out he likes to buy breakfast too!)  And that’s just for a week!  But I too am guilty.  The trips to major chains for those must have cute baby items and I really do need a new jumper…..   $100 later


The sound of me hitting my forehead for being so dumb.  I know better. 

(No idea what sound effect to use for pulling up my socks….)

Number One – make my husbands lunch.  I pack the boys lunch everyday, so what really is another box to pack  (before you think my husband is a lazy git, which he can be, He is on 24hr break down callout, so often he is up and out the door at a moments notice along with the words of ‘I will back to make lunch later’  ….. yeah right)

Number Two – Cook more.  I cook or prepare dinner at lunch time when Max is asleep.  The same for lunch I make it during the morning sleep.  Cakes can be frozen.  And I make batches of biscuits but freeze them uncooked in a roll and when I need then just slice a few off the frozen roll and cook them.  (But only when the oven is on)

Number Three – Plan the menu.   14 mains.  4 weekend lunches.  Sweet Treats and lunch box items. 

So there it is.  My dirty laundry for all to see.  Now to celebrate my re-kindled need to be more responsible with money, my children’s health and the grown ups expanding waistlines, I will be irregularly posting an assortment of hints, tips and what-evers.  Some of them I will be trialing, some will be things I have been doing for years and others will possibly be a waste of time.  Though I do promise to give credit to ideas I glean… 

TAP TAP (The sound of my heels clipping together as I jump in the air with joy….)


2 thoughts on “returning to surplus

  1. Congratulations,

    Taking control is challenging but worth it. It never fails to amaze me just how much money I can disappear by just not concentrating on what’s passing through my hands.

    Just remember if it comes down to your budget or your sanity your family would prefer your sanity wins.

    Kind Regards

  2. Don’t feel bad we all back slide! I find myself buying alot of convience foods since I’ve started working part-time and the kids soccer season has started! I’ve been a very bad keeper of my home lately! it happens I suppose. But it’s wheither we realize this and get back on track or just go with it, that is what matters! The best of us have bad days or periods for that matter! Don’t beat yourself up your back on track and so am I 🙂 we should celebrate, anyone for a ice-cream cone at the new Coldstone creamery? LOL! Just kidding 😉

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