Two important things have happened this week.  Max is now 4 months old and discovered he can roll onto his side. 

And Jack Frost finally turned up.  And my, did he leave his mark!

I have lost so many plants this year mostly from lack of watering (I was not allowed to do any heavy lifting during my pregnancy and we bucket water) First it was the strawberry plants, next up the asparagus (maybe it died down for the winter – very early?) and finally the blueberries.

Now the frost has wiped out the Pepino, the Tamerillo and the Eggplants – that were merry growing in the middle of June!  Along with self seeded Lettuce, Pak Choy and Potatoes.  


After months of neglect the garden is looking very sad and worn out.   Maybe it is reflecting how its carer is feeling?  The passionfruit is growing rampant up the house, I can no longer see out of one of the front windows.  It Tendrils have become one with the flyscreen.  There is an impressive crop of Cobblers Peg growing out the side and there is a rather large mound of Chicken litter growing up behind the back garden.  Where the heck can I hide it next….

But not all hope is lost!  I filled the green bin this week with Kikuya (no way will I compost that stuff – ever) and the herb garden has been, well gutted.  And an array of petunias has been planted for some late winter colour.  Next up I will be finishing the front garden edging that was start circa July 2009.  That is once my fancy fibreglass extra long handled shovel returns from the depths of my husbands work van….